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Ryzen 2700x buzzing only in game

Question asked by dethtrap89 on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by hardcoregames™

First off here's my build: 

Ryzen 2700x came paired with wraith prism cooler.


I built this system about a month ago and I was using an nvidia gtx 750 something. I bought an Xfx RX590 and everything was working smoothly that first night. The next day I started up the PC and loaded up Vermintide 2. As soon as I hit the menu or during gameplay I will get this nasty buzzing sound and upon closer inspection it sounds like it's coming from the cpu area on the mobo. Now when I launch games theres that fun buzzing noise plus my games will freeze about 5 minutes in and it will hard crash to the desktop. It crashes the game and then kills my display for a minute before it recovers back to the desktop.


Again it only does this in games. I have done stress tests and nothing happens, but as soon as a game is loaded, I get buzzing and then crashing.


I used to have an asus prime x470 pro and I thought maybe the vrm on it was bad so I swapped it with an msi gaming plus x470. Still same problem.


Here is a short video I took of the noise. Again it's only coming from the cpu area.

new ryzen 2700x whining/hissing - YouTube 



I have been chasing this problem for awhile now and everyone I've asked says its coil whine but I have replaced every part of this build with new parts and still same problem


TL;DR System ran fine night before, day after cpu buzzing and crashing.