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Owners of the Asus GL702ZC laptop, which runs a Ryzen 1700 and an RX580, have been discussing over at the dedicated thread for this laptop at notebookreview (Asus ROG GL702ZC owners lounge | Page 175 | NotebookReview ) the possibility of Asus releasing a BIOS for the lapotp that would allow and the Ryzen 3000 CPU`s to be used in it -  it's something this community of owners would really like to see happen so that we can purchase the new CPU lineup.  The CPU on the GL702ZC is a desktop CPU and can be removed with little effort from the laptop and thus swapped out for a newer CPU provided 1) the TDP is the same, in this case if it is 65w and 2) that there is BIOS that can be flashed that will support the 3000 series.  However, Asus don't appear to show any signs of releasing a BIOS that will allow any of the newer CPU`'s to run on it.  Some forum members have mentioned that something similar happened to the Acer Helios 500 - a laptop that uses the desktop Ryzen CPU`'s - and that members complained to AMD that Acer weren't releasing and newer BIOS's and AMD put a little pressue on Acer, who in turn released a BIOS.  My question is: who would I write to in AMD to find out more about the possibilliyt of a BIOS update for us GL702ZC owners?  Who might be able to encourage Asus to release a BIOS that woulkd allow 3000 cpus to run.. any suiggestions wold be appreciated.