5700 XT black screens, system reboots etc.

Discussion created by bkone on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by cesarpichardo

Hello all, I have a 5700xt, R5 3600X, MSI X570 Gaming Plus, EVGA 850W PSU, 16 gigs 3200 Team RAM (2x8g) and WIN 10 (their latest hot mess) and I get black screens while playing WoW of all things.  Yes I have the latest drivers as of 8/22/19.  I have been through hell and back with this.  Had a 970 EVO as my primary HD lost all of that do to errors upon errors now I'm running a 500gig samsung 860.  Everything I have replaced or changed in this system and still I get either crashes or black screens.  I have run it with ram oc'd crashed no oc crashed, switched ram to corsair 3000, crashed. Uninstalled Radeon software over and over used that 3rd party driver uninstaller as well. Re installed to the latest radeon software.  Played wow last night I get into a raid and what do ya know my screen goes black again.  Ive had days where things have been fine but then it comes back. I downloaded and installed(i thought) a realtek sound driver that "finished" installing 3 days later.  Been chasing BS in the event log nothing seems to make it go away. BTW I have wiped my drives and started fresh so thats not it either.  PLEASE help..  I have built a number of systems all AMD in the past, and have never had this level of headache before.  I am a true team red fan, but I'm at my wits end. I am sure this is something stupid I have overlooked but I am at a loss.