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system crash on start up

Question asked by amdnovice on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by amdnovice

I just bought a RX 480 second hand. But, it seems to be causing problems to my system. I run a 2400g processor 8gb ram on a msi gaming pro motherboard. The card is a Asus rx 480.
The problem is it seems to be causing my system to crash on start up. It only happens when the AMD drivers load up. It loads to log on screen just fine and then I sign in and everything looks good. When the AMD drivers load up the screen turns black. This only happens about 1 in 4 restarts.
It was turning on and instead of going black it would give me a checkered board appeareance on the screen. I did some tinkering with the system and looking around and I changed the power cable that goes to the card and turned off integrated graphics in mother board bios. Integrated graphics was turned to auto. I turned it to disabled. Thinking maybe the 2400g was conflicting with the graphic card. Now instead of checkerboards the screen just goes black...about 1 in 4 restarts.
I also removed the card and did a number of hard restarts trying to simulate the problem without the card and then everything works fine. It only happens with the card in.
If I can get past the start up phase of my PC where everything is loading for the first time. Then the graphics work great. It passes all the benchmarks. It runs games at solid temps. It does really well. It gets good temps and good numbers.
I just wanted to know if there is a setting or something that I could change that might fix this. or if there is a some conflict in the system I do not know about. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers, fyi. Also, is there any sort of warranty claim I could make with AMD even though the card was purchased second hand. I'm also considering returning it. The problem is I bought it off EBay and the seller say they do not take returns. Ebay says I can still return it though. I just haven't gone that far yet. I was kind of hoping to get this working. But, at this point I just assume the card is on it's last leg. It was probably used for cryptomining is my assumption. I just want to make sure I exhaust all options.