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Can someone from AMD verify a 3800x operation and base frequencies ?

Question asked by brucer on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by shinkojiro

This video is during a geekbench 4 benchmark, does the same during 3dmark Timespy and Firestrike runs.. Why is it dropping to 3.5ghz at times when the base frequency is 3.9ghz? 


Yea I guess it could be from not having any load on that particular core, but something doesnt seem correct to me.... If you look at the utilizations of other cores, there is zero utilization on other cores that are at 3.8ghz, which is still below base frequency, and also some at or above base frequency without any utilization on them..  I'm using cpuid hwmonitor to monitor.. in 3dmark Timespy and Firestrike I use afterburner and its osd..  I'd use Ryzen Master to monitor but its useless when running benchmarks such as Timespy, Firestrike and Superposition.




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