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3700X not boosting anywhere near advertised.

Question asked by ionstorm on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by ddmeltzer8

Hi AMD...


I have a 3700X only 1 core boosting just beyond 4.3ghz, nothing anywhere near 4.4..

My major gripe was I RMA'd this chip back to Amazon thinking it's faulty, but the new CPU is even worse (hell, I can't even have a stable 4225 OC on it like my current).


Anyway, neither CPU will hit the 4.4ghz advertised boost on any core at any time doing anything.  I've tried a Cinebench Single Core test and the max one core got was 4342mhz, with an average of 4250mhz for the entire test... let me add, that core boost wasn't the highest during testing.


Infact it seems to only boost it's highest on very light load, which is entirely pointless.  During an OCCT test I'm lucky to see 4.2ghz on hit, and it usually hovers around 4100-4150.


AMD, I've tried everything, I've even tinkered with the PBO settings and scaling, Ryzen Master states my max boost is now 4550mhz, I've got everything tweaked with PBO (not that i need to), and whilst YES it is faster than just normal PBO settings, it's nowhere near advertised.


Now i've had a 1700 and a 2700X, and honestly, my 2700X ran at 4.3ghz, 4.2ghz stable on low Volts for ace temps (fiddled in the hot weather we had, was epic).  So basically we're getting an IPC gain and clock decrease, which is fair enough, but you've sold me a 4.4ghz boosting chip (and don't get me started on the binning huge huge BAD move of it being on *some cores only*) cos that's not a rant you want to hear. I've tried lowering my DDR4 3600 down to 3200 to see if that helps, and it doesn't change a thing.


I also noticed a funny thing on Ryzen Master whilst running Cinebench, My Fasest CCX 0 and my Fastest Core in the System is not being used by the Cinebench test, infact during cinebench the C07 (Fastest) is Sleeping... Which seems like utter stupidity in an intense Single Core workload, like, what the actual hell?!



AMD, I bought a 4400mhz boosting chip, it doesn't boost to that, nor does the replacement chip (which is actually worse).

What you going to do for a long term Beta Tester of Ryzen?