OpenGL and Vulkan Interoperability issues

Discussion created by angelcoder on Aug 22, 2019
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Hello AMD Community,

I have an issue with the interoperablility functionality.

Small description:

- Create vulkan image and bind it to the memory with external memory functionality.

- Get Win32Handle of it.

- Import the handle to the OpenGL via GL_EXT_memory_object extension

- Create Texture with this memory.

- Attach it to FBO

- make vulkan render call

- Blit imported texture ( as FBO attachment) to the default FBO eg. GL_BACK_LEFT

==> The issue is the blitted image is completely brocken. I can see parts of the resulting image but the image is tolally scrambled.

Here is the link of a simple example:

GitHub - spfuetzner/AMD_external_mem_bug: small example showing problems with external memory and OpenGL 


Also tried to use imported texture as shader input - the problem remains.


Tried different Hardware (RX 580 to Vega 54) with the newest drivers and on Win10 x64 (1903) same issue. Seems to be driver Problem either on Vulkan or OpenGL side (or both) . Or maybe I am just missing something?

This post could be related to the Vulkan / OpenGL interoperability problems (see last posts)


Thanks for your help in advance!


Side note: The code works properly on the concurrent hardware.