Gigabyte Vega64 crashes randomly with latest drivers

Discussion created by danielcoh92 on Aug 20, 2019
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I'm fairly sure this issue is related to the new drivers I installed but it might be something else because I also replaced my SSD from 256GB to 512GB and made a fresh W10 install (clean ISO installation).

My computer used to run for almost half a year now with the default AMD drivers that W10 offers from windows update. I wasn't aware that my drivers were out of date and when I did I decided to update them to the latest version (19.8.1). After doing so my computer started to crash randomly while playing or when watching a video. The screen goes black and the GPU fan start spinning on 100% and it lasts until I force a shutdown from the button.

I can play a game for 4 hours and it would be perfectly fine and then all of a sudden it happens out of nowhere. it could also happen while watching a stream or a youtube video.

I tried monitoring the GPU stats for a while but everything seems just fine (about 236W consumed while under heavy load and the temp doesn't go higher than 60C). There are no errors in the event viewer or any notifications on AMD Radeon Software.

my specs are: I7-7700K (no oc) | 32GB RAM | Gigabyte Vega64 OC 8GB | 2x 512GB SSD | 2x 2TB seagate HDD | 900W corsair PSU (it's new)

I had this issue before when I just bought this rig but the card used to crash only under heavy load and it was very consistent (play for 30 minutes -> crash). I RMA'd the card but it kept happening so the store suggested I get a new PSU and it solved this issue. This time I don't think it's the PSU.

Please assist me with this matter, I really don't want to downgrade my AMD drivers to be able to use the card.



edit: I added a furmark test that lasted 25 minutes under heavy load (burn-in enabled):