SSD not being recognized in Windows 10 with RAID Controller

Discussion created by nexigen on Aug 20, 2019

First I want to say, the SSD in question works perfectly fine with normal AHCI setup and even Linux.  It isn't recognized with the AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller that I use though.  My mobo is M5A97 Plus which uses the 970 Chipset, which to my knowledge is updated but it didn't seem to install anything for Raid controllers.


The Driver is:  AMD AHCI Compatible Raid Controller > Driver Date: 10/7/2013 > Driver Version:  3.8.1540.14

SSD is:  WD Blue 3D NAND 250GB.


The RAID Setup I'm using is through the Motherboard, using Intel Rapid Storage...? Something like that.  This ROM and the BIOS recognize the SSD, I can format it and set it up in raid0 without any trouble, and it's currently sitting as a stand-alone disk.  The problem is only that Windows is not recognizing it in the least bit, I'm assuming it's the above-mentioned driver being outdated.  I tried to change it manually but only ended up resetting my pc lol, ugh.  Anyway, I'm great with computers but I don't know a lot about drivers - I really need some help on how to fix this.


Side-note:  When I remove the Raid setup and put it directly to AHCI in Bios - it works and windows recognizes it.  Unfortunately, I need my Raid setup, and with this mobo it's an "All or nothing" method.