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I have a redundant AMP360SGR22GM Athlon II

Question asked by scubatony on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by scubatony

There are other processors that I’m looking at and have the same numbers BUT that’s where it finishes.For example; 

The following are the details are on mine;

  • AMP360SGR22GM;
  • NAEKC AE 1107MPA;
  • 9P54461B10791;

There is another processor that I have found and it has these details;

  • AMP360SGR22GM;
  • NAEKC AE 1126GPM;
  • 9R92331G10270;

Now as you can see there are variations;

The question is as follows;

Do I only need the  “AMP360SGR22GM ” number and are the rest just serial numbers ?

Or is there more to this than meet the eye.;

I look forward to your comments;