vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY

Discussion created by Andrey2007AMD on Aug 19, 2019
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Hi All !

I use glslang for compilation GLSL/HLSL to SPIR-V.  vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY

So, I know the problem in my shader code, because if I use SV_POSITION instead of POSITION it works.


The similar problem was described here:vkCreateGraphicsPipelines returns VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED 

I have attached minimal test project for Visual Studio 2017 with source code, HLSL source code and spirv output.


please see vs.vert


#define POSITION SV_POSITION // it will work.



I have no problem on nVidia/ARM Mali GPU. Bug happens on AMD R7 240, AMD R7 350X 

May be could you  fix Vulkan Driver ? 


BR, Andrey.