AMD gaming issue(dragon nest sea)

Discussion created by kindlyfun on Aug 18, 2019

Dear support team
kindly be informed that i had a problem with my AMD R7 and my friend's HD 7750 During play specific game (dragon nest) as with attached photo there was strange shadows and unspecific color particles which ruined our gaming experience however these strange color didn't appear with same windows & game versions but another graphic cards brands.
my windows is windows 10 V 1803 and my driver is last updated on 19.8.1
waiting for your advises and fixes, i want to add something as following: 
(It's a long standing issue with AMD hardware. It has something to do with the transparency (alpha channel). There was a driver update around 2012-2013 that introduced the problem. It seems like the way on how the driver handles the transparency was changed, resulting to these weird effects)
this quote was mentioned by one of the support team of dragon nest as they trying also to fix the issue from their side

thanks and in case of any information needed i will provide
best regards.