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2950x with PBO on will never wake from sleep - losing all work!!

Question asked by mango777 on Aug 18, 2019
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I am really unhappy with my AMD threadripper system. It all works fast and snappy in normal use, but with PBO on, should the computer be left alone and go into sleep mode, or if I wish to put the computer to sleep then it will never, ever wake again. The motherboard simply shows an E1 error.. everything is powered on but the monitor remains off meaning I have to manually reset the machine potentially losing all my work if I have forgotten to save it - which has been the case so many times now!! 

I've seen the same problem over and over with Ryzen systems whilst searching for a fix. Nothing works!!


I've tried every memory speed setting, Ryzen Master (is terrible by the way), I've tried power plan settings, fast start on/off, HPET on/off, updating AMD chipset drivers, updating Taichi drivers, updating 1080 ti drivers.. it goes on and on.


There is no official answer from AMD on this terrible issue. The whole point of a workstation is that its fast and reliable. 



PBO is necessary for much better render times and is the sole reason I broke my Intel duck and bought a threadripper.


..very annoyed with that decision these past 6 months 


Does AMD - or anybody please have an answer?