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DVI to HDMI wont work

Question asked by waynegoldring on Aug 18, 2019

Hi, i have an AMD Radeon R9 200 series and have had it for a few years now, i was running a couple of HP monitors on it through the DVI output but one of them broke, i replaced them with a couple of Samsung monitors which have HDMI inputs on them and not DVI so i got a couple of DVI-HDMI Cables, but when i connect everything up there is no signal going to them 

if i restart the system then i see the initial start up page for windows, then it goes black and then no signal, if i swap out the cables back to the old monitor and DVI cable i see everything has started up fine, so at that point the signal is going, so nothing wrong with the cables or monitors or anything (all new anyway) 

The old monitor has HDMI as well as DVI and i have tried the cable in that too, and still the same, so its nothing to do with monitor drivers etc as the old HP one works fine with DVI but not with the HDMI 

Is there anything i can do to change settings etc and get them working??