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can't install the driver of 5700XT (BSOD)

Question asked by bluelemon0626 on Aug 18, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by alseu

my hardware:

MB:Asus X370-I Gaming


PSU:Crosair SF750

OS:win10 pro 1903 

HD:Plextor M9PeGn (M.2)

VGA driver:19.8.1 >> 19.7.1

Moniter:LG 34uc79g-b (2560*1080,144Hz)




1. I reinstall my OS,  everything is good until I install the VGA driver, it's always crash during install or  reboot period.

"video_tdr_failure"、"atikmpag.sys" or"video_scheduler_internal_error" and lead to can't enter OS.

2. sometimes  I can enter OS but BSOD pop out at random, and VGA score is abnormally low in UserBenchMark.

3. I can just enter in safe mode and use DDU to uninstall VGA driver , then everything and no more BSOD.

4. changed HD to SATA SSD, BSOD keep happening.

5. using older driver (19.7.1) , BSOD keep happening.

6. changedto reinstall OS to win10 enterprise or workstation,BSOD keep happening.

7. changed VGA to Asus-RX480-strix and install driver , no more BSOD happen .

8. changed another brand new asus 5700xt , nothing changed , BSOD keep happening.


could someone give me some advice?

OS keep crashing , and I'm crashing too