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Ryzen 3600 - defective or not?

Question asked by rumbis on Aug 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by rg500g

So i bought a Ryzen 3600 and built a new PC.

Config is :

Gigabyte B450 (S2H) motherboard

1x HyperX 8 GB 2667 DDR4 stick

Ryzen 3600 OEM

AMD Wraith Max cooler.

RX580 4GB.

700 Watt CoolerMaster PSU.

After everything was put to places, i found a strange thing- when i began to install Windows 10, coolers in my PC went crazy when even a little load was put. 

After installing Windows10, i tested my PC with AIDA, and found a reason- there`s a huge spikes in temperature. It went from 36-40 idle to 55 in a second when i run my browser and loaded random page. Then after a second it`s 36-40 again.

Under heavy load (stress testing) i get it to 65c in a second, and then slowly rising to 70-75.

After i read some comments about R3000 processors, i found that it`s a kinda common thing, but some users have such problem, some don`t. For some users temperature is rising slowly, for some it`s spikes.

I think that compound under my CPU`s surface is faulty, as i tried to re-apply thermal paste between CPU and cooler a few times (thinking that probably i made a mistake when installing a cooler), but it did nothing (only a 3-4c difference in "1 second later" results. In the same time R2600 PC that was also built by me for my wife is running OK, starting stress test with 40c and slowly going to 50. I`m scared that often hot-cold-hot change will hurt my processor.

The thing is i bought a OEM processor, so i can`t  ask AMD for warranty, and i have to ask my local seller to replace or refund it. But to do so i need to be sure that it`s really a problem with my processor.

So the question is - can my processor be called "Defective" due to such temp spikes, and if yes- how can i prove that it is?

P.S. sorry for my english, not really my mother`s tongue.