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Cannot boot into live USB from 3200G/Asrock Deskmini

Question asked by asdf2061 on Aug 16, 2019

I wanted to build a small and cheap server, so I went with a Ryzen 3200g and a Deskmini (barebones PC without CPU and RAM) from Asrock.

I used a salvaged SSD from a previous build that had Windows 10, but since I wanted to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows, I completely formatted the drive. Before the format, I was able to run the Windows 10 on that SSD fine (and even on the deskmini as I forgot to go into BIOS and change boot order), and did not know there would be problems.

When I installed Ubuntu and Windows, everything seemed to run fine on their respective first boots. Starting on the second boot, I was not able get past grub on Ubuntu (frozen purple screen), and was not able to get into Windows (frozen black screen).

Now, I can't even get live-USBs to work for both Ubuntu or Windows; the former gets stuck at grub and the latter doesn't boot at all (black screen).

I can't seem to find anything wrong with my PC. I've reset BIOS, cleared CMOS, and reformatted my hard drive a bunch of times. At the grub menu, nomodeset doesn't help with the black screen issue. As of now, I have reformatted my hard drive and all of the space inside is unallocated.

At this point, I would be happy with booting into just one of the aformentioned OSes, but as of now I am not able to reinstall them.

I feel like this might be a graphics issue, but I am able to get into BIOS, the grub screen, and the Windows Recovery Screen (which redirected back to itself if I clicked anything) before I reformatted my hard drive.

Also in the meantime, I have tried replacing my Deskmini, but the same stuff still happens. Did my windows/ubuntu installation destroy my computer? Is there something wrong with my APU or is the RAM broken?


TL;DR: 3200g with barebones cannot boot into live USBs for both Ubuntu (can get into grub but no more after that even with nomodeset) or Windows (blue logo with CSM enabled). No problem with barebones computer as I have replaced it. Could be RAM or CPU.