RPR slower in cpu+gpu than in only gpu

Discussion created by gabrielgo on Aug 16, 2019

I tested using the default settings of radeon pro render for blender with some exception of some settings like the number of samples that i changed to 128 istead of 64 in all tests and samples updates per view in some tests

so lets begin 


test 1= cpu+gpu/samples per view update:4 = total time 01m.11s.19ms

test 2= cpu+gpu/samples per view update:64 = total time 04m.26s.07ms

test 3= gpu only /samples per view update:4 = total time 00m.18s.58ms

test 4= gpu only/samples per view update:64 = total time 00m.16s.09ms

and pc specs

Os: windows 10 1809 compilation 18362.239

Motherboard: asus asus m5a78l-m br usb3

ram: 8gb Hyperx 1600Mhz

Cpu: amd Fx 6300

Gpu: Asus Radeon Rx 460 dual 2gb

Gpu Driver version: adrenalin 19.7.1

Radeon Pro Render Plugin For blender 2.80 version 2.0.112

Blender 2.80