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Wierd artifacts when booting up

Question asked by broken666 on Aug 16, 2019

Hi guys, recently i've bought PC, took me a while to screw everything up and start the first boot, everything seemed fine until i had to restart PC.

Instead of ASRock logo and Windows logo after, I saw two, maybe three very thin orange (sometimes blue) vertical lines, it kinda worried me, then I restarted once again and this time there wasnt thin line, whole  screen was filled with vertical lines like on striped t-shirt.

In games, i havent seen yet any artifacts, it only happens when booting up

My PC:
GPU : Sapphire Radeon RX 570 PULSE, 8GB GDDR5
Case: SilentiumPC Signum SG1 TG Pure Black
RAM: Patriot Viper 4, DDR4, 8 GB,3000MHz, CL16 ( XMP profile active to get 3000MHz)
Motherboard: ASRock B450 Pro4
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz
PSU: SilentiumPC Vero L2 500W
SSD: Crucial BX500 480GB SATA3

I use TV screen as my monitor, maybe thats the reason - when artifacts happen, my TV is on DVI1 mode (although i dont have any dvi cables connected to gpu), after that pc switch to HDMI and everything is fine.

Please guys, help me out - I dont know if i should worry or not.