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3400g UMA Frame Buffer Size

Question asked by puchenyaka on Aug 15, 2019

Hello. I am building compact system with 3400g. I've asked Gigabyte about "UMA Frame Buffer Size" option before buying their motherboard.


gigabyte esupport


I've bought this motherboard and I am not able to use UMA option, it is not available in gigabyte BIOS. Gigabyte said that AMD does not provide this option for Picasso. (Question asked by another user, not me).




Can you please clarify who is in charge of this situation? AMD or Gigabyte? Will AMD help Gigabyte to implement "UMA Frame Buffer Size" in their bios?


I need to know whether I have a reason to return gigabyte board to shop and buy ASUS or ASRock one.


Thank you.