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Issue with IDE softwares (Atmel studio and Kei uVision 5)

Question asked by al-saadi on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2019 by al-saadi

i have very annoying issue with the Rzen 5 2400G. before the ryzen i had core 2 and i did not facing this problem at all.

the problem with the Keil IDE (uVision 5) is freezing while coding specially when using CTRL+Space command, the PC freezes for 3-5 seconds (sometimes the software stop working and then suspended).

the Atmel studio gets issues with the graphics user interface, the window is getting stuck till i minimize it and maximize it (I had solve this problem by disable the Graphics driver while using the Atmel sudio). 

i had added records for the issues.

Keil Software

Ateml studio 7