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FirePro S9000 as RemoteFX adapter

Question asked by tumanov on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by fsadough

Using Windows Server 2016 Std, we have deployed the collection of virtual machines (VMs) with Windows 10 Ent. We attached Server's physical card FirePro S9000 as RemoteFX adapter to the collection.
When we connect to VM template using Hyper-V Manager, we see in Device Manager than Video Card "Microsoft RemoteFX - WDDM" is functioning properly and we don't see any other graphics adapters there.
But when any user connect to any VM of our collection this graphics adapter turn to be stopped with event code 43, and there is another adapter "Microsoft Remote Display Adapter", that is enabled.
What shall we do to use RemoteFX adapter in VMs of the collection?
Thank You!