Latest Chipset Drivers is lowering performance for Ryzen 3000

Discussion created by david5343 on Aug 16, 2019

As title said, I've tested both AMD Chipset Drivers and found that the latest 1.07.29 makes benchmark score lower and some application really took a hit. I've done a lot of testing and benchmark prior building my new 3700X.


For example, in Witcher 3 with chipset drivers, by loading the same save game and not moving my mouse. There's one or two stutters in 1 second before stable minimum framerate in the scene which is 51fps with my GTX970.


But when I'm using the latest drivers, prior using the same method as above, the stutters is around five or six times that last for 3 seconds. The minimum framerate is hovering between 49&50fps. Cinebench R20 also scored around 50 points less than the previous version


I've now reverted back to previous version 1.07.07 and the stutters are noticeably reduced like the first time. Benchmark score is back too... 


To be honest, the advertised Max Boost Clock for my 3700X was never reached and I can accept that because that "Max Boost" I assumed it was maximum PBO reachable clock speed. But you are partly lying to us with the advertised speed. I cannot even reach 4.25GHz all core boost without 1.42V.


Now you did this nonsense chipset drivers that further lower our chip's performance just for the few temperature reporting software?


Please fix this.. I've trusted you AMD this time but you have let me down further with your chipset driver.