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5700 XT AE has stopped working properly

Question asked by voodoo486 on Aug 15, 2019

My 5700 XT AE was working fine for the last few days. Now it has stopped working properly. FPS in games has dropped significantly (about 50%) from where it was just yesterday. The fan doesn't get loud when running benchmarks that used to max out the card. The AMD performance overlay no longer shows GPU usage or FPS. MSI afterburner no longer shows voltage and adjusting the fan speed does nothing. When rebooting I repeatedly have seen blue screens for atikmpag.sys as well as VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR. I have uninstalled drivers using DDU multiple times. I has tried both 19.8.1 and 19.7.5. I also installed a fresh copy of windows onto a spare drive, installed nothing but the AMD chipset drivers, AMD GPU drivers, and a benchmark. The system gave a BSOD after installing the GPU drivers and after multiple reboots to finally get into windows, the card still does not run at full speed. I have a new Ryzen 3700x on a Asus Crosshair VI x370 with the latest bios as of 8/15/2019.