MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon + 3700X (freezes?)

Discussion created by suppiedl on Aug 14, 2019
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Hey everyone,

So i have installed the new Ryzen 3700X as a upgrade to my old trusted 1700X (which was overclocked at 3.95ghz).
I obviously upgraded the bios with the newest version from the MSI website. Which supports the new 3000 generation.

The problem i am having now is that my is (not overclocked anymore) with 3200 mhz DDR4 is freezing when idle most of the time. Sometimes also in games when im not doing much (world of warcraft). I am at a loss as to how to test or rule something out on this matter.

Does anyone happen to have some tips for me how to rule out what is what? Cause this started happening right after i installed everything new (bios, installed cpu, resetted Cmos first before installing and such). Then when installed windows fresh. Drivers and such.. nothing the matter btw no freezes.

But now that i have installed everything i seem to be getting random freezes. Which sometimes increase over time mostly when idling.

Would love to have some pointers/input. If you need more information i would be happy to oblige.

Kind regards,