19.8.1 Driver Causing Issue With RGB Fusion

Discussion created by chucktownrc51 on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2019 by dethgrind666

Ever since I installed 19.8.1 my RGB Fusion program (Gigabyte mobo RGB controller) is crashing my computer. Never had an issue with it before this driver was released. I uninstalled in safe mode with DDU 3x and reinstalled in airplane mode, didn't fix it.  I rolled back to 19.7.5 and it's working again. 


AMD please address this in the next patch. 


Thank you. 



*UPDATE* AMD just listed this as a known issue on today's (8/26/19) release of 19.8.2 . I guess they don't have a fix for it yet.