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WDF_VIOLATION after connecting bluetooth device

Question asked by joshb on Aug 13, 2019

Radeon Software 19.8.1

Radeon RX Vega driver 26.20.13001.29010

Radeon RX Vega 56 hardware

Windows 10 Home 1903 (OS build: 18362.267)

Bluetooth device WH1000XM3


After I updated I reproduced the issue twice in which I have a Bluetooth device (headphones) disconnected from the PC. After going to Settings > Bluetooth and other devices and selecting connect I got the Windows blue screen error: WDF_VIOLATION.


I proceeded to update my driver through Device Manager, which actually downgraded it to a 2019-02... version, which was probably the last official release. This caused AMD Radeon Settings to no longer be able to launch, because it indicated that the software and the driver were not the same version. This makes sense since I "updated" the driver in Device Manager. While there was a mismatch in software and driver I recording a report (see folder 01).


So I reverted my display driver back to version 26.20.13001.29010 so that I could access Radeon Software. I then generated another report (see folder 02).



This started happening shortly after updating the software to version 19.8.1, and it may have been the first time connecting the Bluetooth device since the update.