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Moderation after a post was edited

Question asked by s_k on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by s_k

Yesterday I registered in the Community and posted three posts. All of them were moderated within less than an hour after being posted. Then I edited one of them (this one) with minor grammar and style corrections. While editing, I didn't see any warnings about moderation, but after I pressed "Post" button, the entire post became hidden and "...moderator needs to approve..." bar appeared. By now, 14 hour passed since it was hidden and it's still not moderated.


So my question is: do moderators see my post in their "pending" list, or I should delete it and repost one more time?


And a small UX feature request: please add moderation warning to edit page, or clarify the rules about edit moderation. Post hiding after editing was not obvious.