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My AMD FX-8320 keep shuting down

Question asked by lycristkatkiller on Aug 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by lycristkatkiller

Hello everyone :-)


I got the following problem with my AMD FX-8320.
It's currently running at 3500 MHz which is the default clock speed. However at some point the clock shut's down (?) and the clock speed drops to 1.395ish MHz. Now while this seems to the normal thing for a CPU to do when it's getting too hot mine is apparently shutting down at 50°C (which equals 122°F).

I checked the temperature with AMD overdrive and the thermic reserve (?) is about 20°C when it starts to clock down. If I monitor the temperature with Core Temp (or something else) it will never reach a temperature higher than 51°C...
You are maybe wondering what CPU intense thing I might be doing? Well, I am running Windows 10, a Virtual Windows XP and in this OS i am playing a strategy game from 1998 called soldiers of war...


Any tips on how to fix this problem?


PS: Sorry, if this doesn't belong here, please move accordingly :-)