Radeon 5700 - Audio Constant Dropout (DPC Latency)

Discussion created by duox7142 on Aug 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2019 by faud
Hey all, got a weird driver issue. Just installed the 5700, and with 19.7.5 drivers, I am getting audio drop out near constantly to the point where I just can't use sound out from HDMI.
The audio is caused by what appeared to be DPC latency / ISR execution time. Spikes in DPC latency correlate with sound dropping / cracking. That means drivers are misbehaving.Uninstalling Radeon drivers removes all DPC latency / ISR execution time (but no HDMI sound). No other driver seems to be at fault from manually disabling them all and testing. Additionally, sound out directly through USB to USB headphones had no issue.
19.7.1 did not fix the issue. Older than 19.7.1 do not recognize 5700. I used DDU to clean uninstall multiple times. I tried installing with and without AMD HDMI audio driver. No change. There is not a beta driver out there that I could find. The graphics card in my system before was the RX 480 and it did not have this issue. I also installed the correct chipset drivers.
Is this a known issue with 19.7.5 and 5700? Is it possible there is a hardware defect on my 5700 causing the issue? Is there any workaround for this?