3700x issues - Temps, Voltages and Frequency (x570 Aurorus Elite)

Discussion created by aessari on Aug 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by xlox

Hello, I just recently bought a 3700x. My set up is x570 Aurorus Elite, 3700x with stock cooler firmly clipped on, Patriot Viper DRR4s set at 3466mhz cl16, with a geforce 970 for now.


Updated Bios, Chipset Driver, GPU Drivers. Ryzen Balanced Powerplan selected. While doing nothing except watching a video on Firefox, the temperature jumps between 50-60c. When trying to observe voltages (using Ryzen Master only) it never goes below 1,40v and usually stable around 1,45v.


According to task manager it never goes below 4.1Ghz. Just from browsing the internet. When I tried downvolting or disabling core performance boost it would report different results so it's not task manager being wonky (below 4.0Ghz, but then wouldnt boost above it).


When putting the CPU under some stress like streaming + gameplay it easily jumps to 75c and higher to the point that the case was hot on the outside after less than 2 hours of use.


Today morning (screenshot 3) I ran cinebench with the auto bios settings its supposed to work with and from 4,10Ghz and 1,45v it dropped down to 3,85Ghz at 100% usage. So did the voltage. But PPT, TDC and EDC got maxed out.







I dont think this is normal, bunch of people are reporting those occurences. Please inform me what the normal behaviour should be!!!!!! I really want to know what Im aiming for - and what I can do to achieve it. Is it a faulty unit or whats causing these annoying issues?