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Audio stops working intermittently on 3400G

Question asked by ace971 on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by ace971

So I had that mini itx build with a Ryzen 2200G APU, all working fine.

I bought the 3400G , upgraded the BIOS of the mobo following the recommended versions etc till the last, swapped the chips, all grand but.... wait, now Chrome looses audio on Youtube, and I need to refresh so it sticks. Weird I thought, indeed.


After testing a few bench I decided to try playing, and fired Street Fighter V. To my surprise, no audio at all. Switching back to the desktop, I checked all volume sliders were indeed at the max, and nothing muted. All apparently good. Could hear Windows sounds. In game however, nothing. Ok.


Went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, same thing.


So I took things a step further, by reinstalling the whole OS. Didn't keep anything, brand new Win 10 1903 install.


Tried firing SFV, exact same thing....


My suspicions then were that maybe something was off with the motherboard. Since I had a more recent AM4 Mobo coupled to a 2700, with a B450 chipset, I decided that as painful as it was (very very tiny cases), I'd have no choice but to swap to see if indeed that was the problem.


After some time and pain reassembling all of it, I reinstalled Windows on top again downloaded Steam, SFV, and .... same issue!


Now here's the thing I noticed.


When I do start a video on youtube, or even randomly at certain occasions, the little volume icon at the bottom right in the notification area, would sort of disappear and reappear again, in a split second.

When starting Street Fighter V, same thing would constantly happen, before the game would switch to fullscreen.


I managed to have it (not all the time) with audio if I use windowed mode. However, when I was checking the device manager, I would see that the audio output (AMD hd whatever its name is) would sort of disappear and reappear right away.


To be honest it leaves me think now that the CPU is the culprit, but I'm still not understanding how comes that I can have audio on certain applications and not others, if that was indeed hardware related.


The 2 motherboards were:


Gigabyte AB350N gaming Wifi 



Tried also 2 different set of Corsair Ram, XMP or JEDEC, tried to disable every possible audio device that would show up under the device manager, to no avail.


Apart from this, the APU doesn't have any overheating, nor has it been abused. I checked the pins and all seem ok.


I'm not really willing to return it since I'm living outside of the US, and use a postal box to be forwarded packages to where I live, and shipping that back means money and time I can't really deal with at the moment.