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Ryzen 3600 high temps and only 4ghz boost

Question asked by frank95 on Aug 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by sanketsonu

Good morning everyone! I explain, 3 days ago I arrived at my house my new components that are:

Ryzen 3600

AsRock b450m Pro4

LPX corsair 16gb 3200mhz

Cooler Master ML240L

And more things like power supply and box.


The ambient temperature of my room is 30 degrees and outdoors 39.


Everything seems normal until I ride it and I find that the processor is at 45-50 degrees all the time and running at 4ghz. This without any load, when I play around 65 degrees and if I run a load test like cinebench around 75 degrees.


This would not be worrying if you use another kind of heatsink since it is a liquid cooling !!! My fx without load reached 35 degrees and with load 65.


Because from what I see the voltage of the cpu is around 1.4 and the most worrying thing is that it should have 4.2ghz in boost mode not 4ghz as it marks me. It is as if the computer did not know when to use the cpu boost. How could I lower temperatures and solve the boost?