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Could you fix The Division 2? game is constantly crashing with 5700 XT AE

Question asked by clsmithj on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by clsmithj

The game crashes every 5-10 minutes in the game, I updated back to Radeon 19.7.5 after staying fine with 19.7.3 with other games.   But this game crashes regardless of the Radeon version. 


I got the game set to Ultra 1080p with 144hz refresh rate.  

on the Radeon Settings I enabled FreeSync and Anti-Lag, before that the game would load, I could run a benchmark etc, and noticed it was capped at 60fps until I set it to 144hz.  
The game suddenly started crashing.  So I went back and disabled Vertical sync in the Graphic settings of the game. 

Last I turned on Enhanced Sync, and the game seems to operate until I get some one further in the game when it crashes and send me back to the desktop.


The game seems to be unstable and it feels like it's a driver issue. 


I have my RX 5700 XT AE overclocked in Wattman at 2061Mhz with a high fan curve, I can confirm that overclock is very stable as I have had no issues running synthetic benchmarks, game benchmarks, and playing countless hours of MK11.  

When I switch over to this game Division 2 the game constantly seems to crash and breaks the Radeon Setting causes it to reset back to default.