tech spec of RX550

Discussion created by cryptearth on Aug 9, 2019
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I need the official tech spec of the RX550 design.

Reason: I'm currently using a low-profile case with an ASUS A68HM-PLUS with an elgato hd60pro in pci-e 1x slot (2nd slot from top) and a AMD a10-7800 as streaming system. Currently, I'm able to get a good quality stead 1920x1080 with 60fps when limited to twitch recommended bitrate of 6.000kBit/s. But my APU is working really hard (over 90%). So I looked for a gpu I could fit into my system. I just found a video yesterday about this card: Yeston RX550 low-profile single-slot. Perfect. But: It's somewhat strange advertised. The site claims it to be a Polaris 11 chip. When looking at wikipedia, a RX550 is a chip codename Lexa - wich is a Polaris 12 chip. So, before I by a pig in the poke, I'd like to check with official tech doc if this could be false advertisement.

I will also contact Yeston about its advertisement not match up with informations found on wikipedia. Maybe someone could tell me a bit more.

If someone wants to know: It's 100,00 quit on ali express with free world wide shipping for a mid-tier gpu - so something has to be fishy about it.


Does anyone has any additional info on this card?




//edit - well - seems like yeston doesn't like direct mail contact - there's no e-mail-address i could find to ask them directly ...

also - when you look up product info on RX 550 for known brands like XFX (just as an example - first on google) they state correct type of Polaris 12 Lexa chip - so it seems either someone at yeston just made a big mistake - or it's false advertisement - I knew it's to good to be true