3700x performing poorly?

Discussion created by ddmeltzer8 on Aug 8, 2019
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I recently upgraded from an Intel 7500 to 3700x on x570(3200/cl14) but i dont really see any performance gain.

I havent really tested it for what i bought it-gaming.I still "only" have a 1070ti and it seems to be able to keep up with the games im currently playing.Im planning on 2080 ti or something.

The reason i feel a bit disappointed is that when i unpack stuff,opening programs/chess engines/music program,booting(15-20 sec),running malware+ scans/backups(whole drives)/setups of larger games,it seems to take the same amount of time to complete.(more or less)

Is there any way to 100% confirm that my system is running as it should?Any benchmarks or measureable workloads etc?

Bios and all drivers should be up to date.

Two shots of cpu-z:




My specs:

Asus TUF x570

Ryzen 3700x

2x8GB 3200MHz cl14

gtx 1070ti

Windows 10 Pro

Watercooled CPU and good airflow in general(35-45c when not pushing it),

and only Samsung SSD's.(2,5")

I hope i didnt forget anything.Forgive me if i did,and if this is the wrong place to post.


Thanks in advance.