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Threadripper 2990WX Dynamic Local Mode Keeps Turning Off

Question asked by rf12 on Aug 8, 2019

When opening up Ryzen Master and applying "Creator Mode", I can see that the software will briefly apply "Dynamic Local Mode".  After waiting about ten seconds, the toggle switch for "Dynamic Local Mode" will turn itself off without any interaction from me.  I have attached a video exhibiting this behavior.  


The only change I made was in the BIOS, I turned off C-State because it was making my computer freeze when going from an idle state (such as when using remote desktop).  I'm not doing any overclocking or anything.  I don't notice much of a difference with or without "Dynamic Local Mode", but since I do a variety of work (no gaming) I assume I want to keep the service running all the time.  


Any idea how I can get the "Dynamic Local Mode" setting in Ryzen Master to stick?