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Why does the product verification tool give me a password and email do not match error? I am using the same login info as AMD rewards

Question asked by sauron07 on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by meivega

I recently purchased an RX590 and installed it in my pc.  Installed the card, created an AMD rewards account and downloaded the product verification tool, but I am unable to run the tool as I constantly get an email and password do not match error.  I am using the same login that works for the AMD rewards site and have changed the password and redownloaded the tool multiple times and even created another account with a different email and password and still get the same error.  The frustrating thing is that I have submitted two support tickets and both answers I got back were completely unresponsive to my issue and were cut and paste "You must have a qualifying product installed....." answers.  It is obvious no one even took the time to read the information I sent or the attachments I provided.  Hopefully someone in the forum has gone thru this or a responsible AMD employee will see this and provide actual support.