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freesync problem

Question asked by trai12 on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by alseu

Hello, i have a problem with freesync on games. I have a RX 580 8gb and AOC C24G1 monitor (144hz). I have enabled freesync on monitor OSD and Radeon Settings, set the 144hz on windows and have the DP cable connected aswell.


My problem is after i enable Freesync on Witcher 3 on radeon settings game profile i get microstutters and some flickering and doesn't feel smooth. When i turn off freesync on radeon settings game profile everything works smoothly without problems. Another thing i tried and works: freesync is enabled on game profile, i change to borderless window instead of fullscreen (in-game), everything smooth again. I get 80-110 fps if it's worth to mention and monitor freesync range is 48-144hz.


I tried DDU clean install drivers, at first it worked without problem and i thought i solved the problem but after i restarted pc the problem came back. The only solutions i found are these: Have Freesync enabled in Radeon game profile and play the game in borderless window (although FS works better in fullscreen?) and the other one is to turn off Freesync in Radeon game profile only and play the game normal in fullscreen. Do those mean freesync is not working properly?