a way to contact AMD?

Discussion created by meivega on Aug 6, 2019


is there any way to contact AMD and tell them how bad the "AMD Reward Support" is?

I am pretty sure they are not really part of AMD, a 3rd party company hired to manage the email support.


I can not find a email adress or a department who i could contact, only tec support or so.

Sure i could do it over AMD Rewards, but like i said, i think they are just hired. so there is no reason to tell them how bad they are, they know.


short version:

I am building a pc, bought a Vega 64, and got a promotion code.

Bought the new Ryzen 9, but AMD is not able do deliver. they changed the delivery date over and over again.

So no CPU means, i can not install Windows and i can not install their stupid verification tool.

And i asked them if there is another way to get the game codes without using the tool.


I replied now to 5 emails from them, but they do not understand it.


Btw english is not my first language, so maybe its me


thank you