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Dell Inspiron 5576 RX 560  help

Question asked by tsxfire on Aug 6, 2019

I have a  Dell inspiron 5576 with the fx 9830p cpu/apu and the rx560 for the dedicated gpu. I am trying to run an instance of minecraft and the system every-time I go to launch goes to the r7 integrated graphics and I  can't get it to use the dedicated graphics. I have tried disabling the integrated, disabling powernow,  setting to high performance mode in both windows and the amd crimson software which I have tried multiple driver sets including one direct from amd's website for  crimson adrenaline 19.x.x and the one that dell had on their support site that is 2 years old being version 17.x.x.... it seems like no matter what I do I can't get it to switch over and it is irritating me because my nvidia I was able to just go into nvidia control panel and directly tell it use this high performance GPU but that option doesn't seem to do anything in switchable graphics option. please help.