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AMD Wattman fan never runs until Zero RPM is turned on and off, must be constantly reset. Driver issue? Could I write a script?

Question asked by oats-xo on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by oats-xo

Alright so if anyone can help me out with this issue that'd be really wonderful seeing as how people don't usually take an interest in my computer issues, I've always got the weirdest issues people just throw their hands in the air about it.


I've got an RX 480 8gb by XFX and I prefer to not run Zero RPM seeing as how my graphics card gets incredibly hot on idle, it idles at 56 degrees celsius but if I just keep the fan running then it idles at 28-36 degrees. And it's been giving me stuttering issues when it gets too hot in games so I really can't afford to not have Zero RPM turned off. I'm not running water cooling here.


The problem is that on boot, the graphics card completely forgets to run it's fan. Every single time I start up my computer, I have to go into AMD wattman, which takes a while because my computer runs a little slow, then click "Zero RPM- On" Apply, then "Off" Apply. That's the only way to get the fan running is to give it that weird little jumpstart.


I've tried setting a manual fan curve but to no avail. In fact often my saved wattman settings were more or less being completely erased every time I booted up many weeks ago, but I don't know for sure since I gave up on trying to have my own custom settings. I don't know if that's even true, because the custom settings were mostly just to try and solve my issue but they didn't so I don't really need them. I could be totally wrong and hallucinating things but I'm pretty sure they were just being defaulted without notification.


No, I'm not running any other software.

Yes, I've ran official driver removal tools in safe mode then reinstalled the card completely.

Yes, it's plugged in.

No, I'm not going to just decry my 100+ dollar graphics card as "faulty". I'm a member of the Lumpen Proletariat so I can't just do nothing when my possessions start to fail, I don't have the money for that nor am I very likely to come into any.


Do any of you have a clue of what to do? Is there a potential batch script I could write for startup to turn zero rpm on then off again? That way I don't have to go into wattman settings myself every time I start my computer?


Is this a driver issue? Is my graphics card truly faulty?


Is there life on other planets?


Why do these things always happen to me?