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RAIDXpert2 reports hard drive as "removed"

Question asked by crok on Aug 3, 2019

I have suddenly lost the RAID 0 array on my system and had the RAID 1 marked as critical.  These are two arrays spanning the same two hard drives.  It appears that the second drive is no longer detected as part of the array.


My hardware is an Asus Crosshair VI Hero, which has been running fine in this configuration for over two years.  I have not disconnected any of the hard drives since building it, and the last time I opened the case was over 6 months ago.


I have a dual-boot of Windows and Linux; the latter is Debian but using the AMD rcraid driver.  I was running Linux when I first noticed the problem; I had booted it first thing in the morning and it was fine, then I suspended it when I went out.  After I resumed, I realised that one of the RAID 0 partitions was giving an I/O error.


Is there any way to force RAIDXpert2 to reassign the hard drive to the RAID arrays or do I need to rebuild both of them?


I have attached a screenshot showing the web GUI.