Display screen crash

Discussion created by vzharc on Aug 3, 2019
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 Hey, I have a rx 580 4gb saphire pulse paired with ryzen 3 1300x with 8 gb 2333 and a 500w 80 plus evga psu. I have a problem where my display crash every time I play high demanding game . I had this issue with Dirt rally 2.0 dauntless . Then I wanted to test the gpu and I tried with the Furmark I run it at 1080p test ( Ive tried 720p test and everything was ok didnt crash because i didnt go past 75c but when i do 1080p i crash) and Ive notice that when the gpu reach ~ 77 C my display crashes the same with the games I crashed on ( i can play csgo lesgue of legend but they dont make my gpu exeed 50c) I tried to lower the core clock t and change the Hdwi but nothing changes