why i'm returning my 5700 xt

Discussion created by zazzn on Aug 3, 2019
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Hello AMD,


I would like to give you feedback on why I returned my 5700XT and went back to my old GPU and probably another team green GPU.


Let me first say that I've owned many AMD/ATI cards in the past and the last significant card that I owned was a 5870. That beast of a card was fantastic and I didn't have any issues with games or drivers. Maybe because back then you had more market share as you were the leader with that card for several years...


Anyhow on to my reasons to why I am returning my card to Amazon.


#1 Driver bugs and issues. I understand new products will have bugs. Color adjustment vs Nvidia is poor. Nvidia's Digital vibrance, gamma control, brightness and contrast work so much better allowing darks to become brighter and more adjustability. The Radon color tools are very poor in comparison when actually using them for anything meaningful. I ended up with a 3rd party tool VibranceGUI.exe to help correct the situation but wished the abilities to change would have been enough.


#2  Playing games like Starcraft 2 and PUBG  had unbearable freezing. At first, I thought it was my internet connection, but later discovered others with the same issues as me in the same games and same spots. Specifically, PUBG had lag/studders which would freeze the screen for .5 to 2 seconds and then teleport you across the map. Thinking this was my internet connection caused me untold hours of troubleshooting. Installing my old 1070GTX resolved the issue immediately. Of crouse yes I used driver cleaner and all the other tools.


Starcraft 2, also has similar problems with studdering especially at the start of the game. Basically, having the trouble in the two games I'm actively playing to the point that they are almost unplayable made it so I had no choice but stay with team green. I hope the driver team puts as much effort as the hardware team did for Navi.


Previous cards I've owned Mach 32, 9700 Pro, x800xt, 4870, 5870 hoping to get out of the greedy grasps of Nvidia.