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Setting up AMD hardware RAID

Question asked by md-pa on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by hardcoregames™

Ryzen 2400G on ASUS B450M motherboard. Win 10 64 and apps are on a SATA SSD, data on two 8TB HDDs tthat are RAID-1 mirrored via Storage Space. I had used (and preferred) hardware RAID on previous Intel systems, but when I put this one together 6 months ago I wanted to keep things simple and went with AHCI SATA (CMS enabled, so not full UEFI). Now I'm familiar with the UEFI options, have no legacy hardware needing CMS, and would like to make the most of what the mobo/UEFI/Ryzen combination can do.


I gather that AMD's latest RAID drivers have fixed a problem that earlier versions had with a recent Win10 update. Everything on the Storage Space pair is backed up and I'm prepared to clean-reinstall Win10 and apps. The AMD RAID configuration looks straightforward -- but are there any extra tips I should keep in mind?