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HDR not recognized by radeon rx580

Question asked by digitalgriffin on Aug 2, 2019

I'm having a problem getting the RX580 to recognize HDR.

OS:Windows  10: Creators update 1903

GPU: MSI RX580 8G OC Armor

Monitor: Dell U2518D 2560x1440/60Hz

Radeon drivers: dated Jul 30, 2019


The monitor is connected via HDMI 2.0.  HDR mode is on in menu.


Windows refuses to see HDR support.  

DXDiag reports the card and monitor do not have HDR support.


The Dell display driver for the monitor is also Installed.


For some reason the radeon control panel only recognizes 8 bit 4:4:4 RGB full and limited display modes.  I understand to get HDR10 you need 10bpp support.  This monitor supports this, however it only shows up under displayport connections, which do not support HDR.