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Question asked by oseofwar on Aug 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by felaviol
Hi, I just got my computer.
The video card driver does not load. My computer is Acer Aspire E553G - T7Q5.
AMD has Radeon R5 Graphics and R8 M445DX.
The computer's manufacturer page says R7 M440 but I didn't understand how it happened.
First, I downloaded the Apu-Gpu driver from the AMD site.
Loaded and rebooted gave black screen.
I had to retract the startup drive in safe mode.
He also installed the driver as R7 M340 and therefore failed.
Operating System Windows 10.
I noticed a detail in the new drivers of AMD R8 M445DX does not exist.
I have the R8 M435DX AND the R8 M535DX but the R8 M445DX is nope.
I think this problem is caused by AMD.
The latest driver for the R8 M445DX is provided in ReLive 17.7.
AMD has not supported this driver since 27.03.2018. For what?.
There is no R8 M445DX in the driver stores in Adrenaline 19.7.5.
The problem is entirely AMD. And AMD upsets us.
I used to know AMD as a good brand, but it made me sad to have this problem.
I think AMD's officials and engineers should be interested in this problem.
In this way, they damage the manufacturer's brand ACER.
I've also tried all the solutions you can say. There's always a mistake.
Please bring this issue to AMD's authorities.
Let AMD not victimize us.