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Question about driver version

Question asked by gildbg on Aug 2, 2019

Hello ppl,
I have questions and unable to found the answers about driver versions.
Before 10 days ago I buy my new CPU 3800x, mother board also. My video card is RX 580. I install drivers from CD rom and everything work fine and still work fine. I see drivers from CD uninstall my previous drivers that was 19.7.1 if I remember correct and install fresh new from CD. So far, so good, but driver from CD is version 19.10.16 and when I download from site latest drivers they are version 19.7.5. Im a little bit confused, because I can't find on AMD site, my version also I have amd radeon settings lite where I cant check for new driver version and updates and Im not happy.

My questions is:
1. Is there a way without uninstall to switch my setting version to full because now I have Radeon settings LITE ?
2. Is my version up-to-date or need to remove it and install 19.7.5 ?

New driver version