amd_chipset_drivers_v1.07.29.0115 = broken powerplan "patch", need engineer guidence.

Discussion created by tanarotte on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by pokester

This new chipset driver come with new and "improved" balanced powerplan which was supposed to resolve high temperatures on new ryzen 3000 chips, and gross overvolting even in idle.


I would like to report it fixed nada, null, :=0 .  After enabling "AMD balanced" powerplan cpu stays constantly at 4.1Ghz to 4.18Ghz and pushes 1.48V at desktop with (0-2%cpu utilization) even with -0.08 vcore negative offset. At this point i am not even sure if the negative offset works at all. I mean at some point it starts to reduce performance in cinebench but reported vcore and temperature is still through the roof. The only power plan that seems to actualy work and actualy reduce vcore and heat is the Microsofts power saver plan.


Speaking of, what software do You use dear AMD enginners to properly edit power plan?

I mean editing power curve, edit how fast CPU ramps up the clock speed depending on load, maximum and minimum allowed clocks etc etc? I want to manualy fix the performance curve like You do (read: adjust stock ms power saver plan to be just a little bit more agressive with clocks and allow it to go higher than 3.8Ghz). I couldnt find any proper power plan editor online. . . .